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Patrick Mahomes, Allegedly, Can Absolutely HOUSE Beers

"We need someone to get more Coors Light because Mr Mahomes has finished all the Coors Light"

"He probably had 13 the first show and 10 the second show"--Andrew Santino

How fucking refreshing was that little nugget on PMT from Andrew Santino? We are living in an era where the younger generation of NHL stars sits around and plays fortnite instead of running around town and where the older generation of star QBs won't eat a tomato. Patrick Mahomes wants no part of either. Doubled up on a comedy show (die hard move that I respect) and then gasses ALL the beers. Just gone. Send an errand boy out to the liquor store he had so many. And...totally unphased by it. 23 beers in two hours would put me into a post-thanksgiving type energy and bloating level. Then on the couch all day the next day and probably the day after that. Must be nice to have the metabolism, energy, and bank account of young superstar athlete who can do 23 beers in 2 hours and then be ready for more. This does kind of change the way I look at Mahomes. Didn't realize he was one of the boys like this. This shoots him up the QB charts of guys I'd like to drink with. And I mean drink. Not necessarily party. Right now the list is as follows

1) Burrow

2) Josh Allen

3) Patrick Mahomes

4) Jared Goff

5) Matt Stafford

I think that is the full list. Everyone seems either too cool or that they'd try to talk to me a little too much about Jesus. That always kills the vibe. Comedy show and a case race vs Mahomes feels like a great time that'll end up ruining my next 72 hours. Would love it.