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5 Questions I'm Dying To Know The Answer To In The NFC Playoffs

Chris Szagola. Shutterstock Images.

The NFL Playoffs seem to always deliver. I would have the hard take that just three things bring me joy in the month of January,  Tiffani Amber Theissen's birthday on the 23rd of the month (she'll be 49 this year) , conference play in college basketball, and The NFL playoffs. January is essentially 31 days locked in your house avoiding the cold. It's dark at 5pm. It's cold. There's not much going on. Not much to get excited about, and did I mention it's cold ? Shitty month. 

However … The NFL Playoffs deliver. When you do leave the house it's usually to a friend's house, a bar, or the stadium if your teams lucky enough to be in them to watch the biggest game of the year to that point. Or if you have no horse in the race, you hang with your buddies and watch the drama unfold. 


There's always big moments, there's always upsets, and you know you have to cherish every game because the party (the season) is about to be over and the lights are coming on soon, and it's a long time before you get to attend another party (ie- watch more football). Put this into perspective … there will be 13 more NFL games this season. That's less than the last 4-5 weeks of the season on a Sunday. And those 13 games are spread over 4 weeks. That chaos of Red Zone ? Gone. That jam packed 1 pm slate ? Gone. You got 1 game in each time slot and that's it. Enjoy it while you can because like I said it's the end of the party. 

On a brighter note, like I said it's super exciting to have NFL playoff games on, and I think it actually lets you digest a game better without 6 screens and fantasy and live bets etc going. 1 game … all your attention. 

So with all that said … here's 5 questions I am dying to know the answer to this postseason in The NFC. 

1- What's the health of Jalen Hurts ?

CBS Sports- Whether Hurts needed another week to rest his shoulder strain wasn't important. The goal was the lock up the NFC East, something the Eagles failed to accomplish in the two games he was out. 

"I don't really want to get into it," Hurts said. "I played."

How bad is Hurts injured? He was good to go for Sunday regardless of the injury, but there were always going to be bumps and bruises along the way.

"We didn't feel like there was more risk, but I know he was hurting. He was hurting bad," Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni said. "But that's the kind of competitor that he is. That is the kind of person that he is and the kind of teammate and leader that he is that he was able to go out there and tough through it."

The Eagles had a great season and deserve the 1 seed as they earned every bit of it. However, Jalen Hurts was a big part of that and if he's not 100% we've seen the drop off in talent to Gardner Minshew . In his two starts. both Eagles losses , Minshew threw for 3 TD and 3 INT, not necessarily world class numbers. Hurts will have an extra week to rest with The Birds on a bye, but the quotes are a little concerning for the Philly faithful. Hurts has to be 100% for then Eagles to maximize their opportunities of hoisting the Lombardi, and the Eagles seem to be hush hush about if he's really at full strength.  We'll never know the real answer, until we see how Hurts plays in the Divisional, but for right now you have to assume Hurts is still banged up and that would worry me if I was an Ealges fan, or holding an Eagles future. 

2- Can Tom Brady save this Bucs team ?  

John Bazemore. Shutterstock Images.


Brady's numbers are respectable this season , 4600 yards 25 TD, 9 INT. But it has never looked like he was at his best this season. Another big concern is Brady's numbers down the stretch. Take away Week 18 in a game they've already clinched , Brady's December and January numbers weren't great. 10 TD, 7 INT and losses to two best teams they played in that stretch (Cincy and SF). The Bucs needed overtime to beat a lowly Cardinals team, and this season have an 8-9 record with losses to Cleveland, Carolina, and Pittsburgh. The Bucs are 2-4 against teams in the playoffs this season, and their wins were Week 1 vs The Cowboys in a game Dak injuried his hand, and a 11/13 win against … The 7 seed Seahawks in Germany. Not a lot to get excited about. 

Brady is the GOAT of Quarterbacks, but what excites you about this Bucs team ? Even if they beat the Cowboys do they look like a team who can make a run ? 

25th in yards per game, 15th in points per game, 32nd in rush yards per game, however the saving grace is 2nd in passing yards. 

The defense however, ranks 13th in PPG allowed and 9th in yards per game allowed. Brady's last Super Bowl run relied on the D , and he'll clearly need that again here to have a prayer, but like I said before something just seems different with this Bucs team. 2 marquee wins, and some really bad losses. Despite the spin zone Steven Cheah will somehow put on this, The Bucs days are numbered. 

3- Do you trust a Rookie like Brock Purdy to make a Super Bowl run ? 

Jed Jacobsohn. Shutterstock Images.

The 49ers are undefeated with Purdy starting. Their defense is elite. Their coach is great, and they have a variety of offensive weapons .. big time weapons. And … Purdy has been fantastic. Including 3 wins against playoff teams since he took over. 

However, no rookie has led his team to a Super Bowl. Is Purdy the guy to break the mold ? Or is a road playoff game, or a playoff game in general such a different animal that it can frazzle even the guys who look the calmest under pressure ? I can talk myself into both sides. Purdy looks great and has a terrific team behind him that could be the guy to reach the Big Game this year. And I can also see him playing well but making the one mistake in a big spot, or not putting it all together and coming up just short like everyone else has before him. Time will tell, but I'm dying to see how this one turns out because Purdy and The 49ers sure do look great. 

4- Are The Giants A Live Dog Or Too Trendy ? 


Maybe it's my fandom, maybe it's finally getting to see a playoff game in 6 years. Maybe it's that Daniel Jones looks very good, and Saquon Barkley had an unbelievable season, or Brian Daboll has balls the size of Sunday meatballs at the local pork store, or that the defense defines bend don't break and shows up in big spots when it needs to. Or … it's that The Giants get to play one of the most polarizing Quarterbacks in the league in Kirk Cousins who no matter how great he can be , can also deliver a stinker on the drop of a dime. Or it's that the Giants have already seen the Vikings, and it took a last second field goal from Minnesota to win. Or it's that Minnesota ranks 25th in PPG allowed and 31st in yards per game, but something has me really really believing the G Men can go win as a dog here. 

On the other hand, I would imagine a lot of action on the Giants making them "a dog with fleas" as Chris Fallica has said on occasion, meaning the underdog that becomes too trendy and too public. 

I still think The Giants are live and a real strong team , especially with The Vikings subpar defense, and will be backing the +3 but sometimes being the public underdog is the worst thing you can be. 

Go Giants ! 

5-  How painful can The Cowboys make it for their fans this year ? 

Every year, someway somehow the Cowboys get their hearts ripped out. Yet every year we talk ourselves into The Cowboys finally making it their year. This year is no different. The Cowboys when clicking look great. Dak's got an offense that ranks 4th in points per game, and 11th in yards per game. The Cowboys have put up 40+ 3 times this year, and dropped 50+ in another. The defense is 5th in points per game allowed and 12th in yards per game. The Cowboys have the horses… pun intended. 

If you were listing out dark horses, The Cowboys have a very real shot to be the one you talk yourself into. And The Barstool Sportsbook agrees,  despite Dallas being a 5 seed in the NFC, they have the 6th best Super Bowl odds. 


So that voice in your head saying The Cowboys can get it done sure does sound convincing, but it's the other voice that can be compelling too. The one saying they are doomed, the one with the audio of these plays on repeat saying "Don't do it" !