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The End Is Near: Joe Rogan Talks About The New A.I. System, ChatGPT, With Bret Weinstein And Sounds Like The Age Of Terminator Is Coming

Shout out to these guys who invented ChatGPT which sounds like it'll grow into an entity that will become conscious and lead to the end of humanity. WHOOPS! 

This is one of those situations where because the guy explaining it is worried, I am worried because he is INFINITELY smarter than I am. The alarm bells he raises make sense to me. When the programmers say "oh don't worry, we created this code so that it doesn't become conscious". And the follow up is "how does consciousness come online in humans?" and then nobody knows the answer because...we don't understand. Sounds like a problem to me. Sounds like something that we should probably destroy, ban, and not explore. I don't want to fuck with A.I. 

People always talk about how we need to advance technologically and they dream up science fiction inventions that come true and make our life easier. I think we are all set on advancement, to be honest. I can talk to anyone in the world by beaming it up to space and they get the message in less than a second. That's pretty fucking great. I can watch any sport anywhere in the world with a little effort. We've done some pretty astounding things in medicine. Let's, as a species, kinda just call it a day before we invent the thing that destroys us because no matter how smart we are, we are human which means we make dumb decisions based on emotion, ego, etc. 


If I ever ran for office I think I would run on this platform...shit is pretty great. Let's just tweak the shit we have already, but we really don't need anymore tech. Chief2024 so we don't get Schwartzeneger 1990. 

PS: Incredible that Dave is finally on Joe Rogan. Worlds colliding. Two of the biggest media people ever to exist finally having a sit down. 

Kind of funny that Portnoy is following Weinstein. One day you're talking about covid-19, vaccines, and A.I. with a hyper intelligent biologist, and the next day it's a man who built an empire on delivering papers, peddling smut, and reviewing pizza. Quite the juxtaposition