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Sam Howell (The Number 1 Prospect From the 2022 Draft According To Steven Cheah) Is Starting At QB This Sunday


Congrats to Sam Howell, the new starting QB for our Washington Commanders. Genuinely happy for him obviously, as he gets to live out his life long dream of starting in the NFL. He hasn't taken a single snap and now he's being thrown into the fire, but hey, that's life in the big city I guess.

What a roller coaster it's been to get here. From Wentz to Heinicke back to Wentz to until 3 minutes ago, Heinicke. And then after practice today Coach Ron decided to go with Howell. It's probably the right decision as the game is meaningless (not sure yet if Ron know that though). It's crazy how indecisive and all over the place Ron has been the last few weeks, from starting Wentz to not knowing the playoff scenarios to renaming Heinicke the starter...but it looks like he saw the public backlash and said fuck it, I'll let the fans decide.


So what do we expect from Sam Howell? Well, Steven Cheah ranked him as the first overall pick, so I feel pretty fucking good about it.



Howell was awesome at UNC his sophomore year and then lost a ton of weapons and had a down year, making his draft status fall. We should probably expect...well, exactly what you're thinking from a 5th round pick throwing his first NFL pass in week 18. But that doesn't mean he will suck, it just means to obviously temper our expectations. The good news is he can't possibly be worse than Wentz (knock on wood) at least the bar is set pretty low.

At least now we have a reason to watch on Sunday, so that's neat. It took a while but finally ol' Sammy is starting. Hey Dallas...BOO!