Disgusting: Ravens Fail To Bury The Steelers At Home For The 2nd Straight Season

Patrick Smith. Getty Images.

Gross. Just so fucking gross.

We know the Ravens aren't designed to play an aesthetically pleasing style of football right now. And we know the Steelers aren't either. We always knew that when these two teams met this season (and most seasons), it was going to be a matter of who could pound the other into submission and who could make the big play at the end when it mattered.

The Ravens did that through and through in Pittsburgh a few weeks ago. The tables were turned tonight, and it saved the Steelers season. That's disgusting.

Najee Harris and co. shoved the ball right down our throats all night. Yes we were fortunate enough to have seized control of the game early and hold onto it well into the 4th, but there was no question who the better team was all night. We've dominated teams defensively against the run for weeks and this was so out of character. Even with Calais Campbell out, never in a million years did I think the Steelers could run the football against us the way they did.


All of that suddenly calls into question a potential flaw for a team that already has plenty. We need all the constants we can get. The run defense and the defense as a whole was one of those constants. Now up is down and left is right and this garbage Steelers team somehow still has a pulse. Two years in a row in January we had them by the balls in our barn and we let it get away. I'm beside myself.

Still…. the Bills could very well go out and beat the Bengals tomorrow and make next week's matchup in Cincinnati a big one for the division title. Doesn't feel one bit like we deserve that opportunity, but if we get Lamar back….. idk man. Anything can happen. That's been the big question for weeks and it'll be the big question come the postseason and it'll be the big question all offseason too. Never a dull day in Baltimore.

But gross man…. just gross.