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The Packers Are Somehow A Win Away From The Playoffs After Absolutely Dismantling The Vikings

Stacy Revere. Getty Images.


That was AWESOME. Talk about a complete team win and a full-on ass kicking against the fraud Vikings. I think that game single handedly cured my hangover. Holy moly what a performance. Every single facet of the game was dominated by Green Bay and it was so much fucking fun to watch. 

First and foremost Joe Barry and this defense deserve a ton of praise and then some. Right out of the gates they were handed a one yard field following the block punt. They stood strong and didn't let Minnesota have an inch. Fresh off holding Minny to 3 there, Keisean Nixon took one to the crib. This camera angle is undefeated. 

Wanna talk about a game changer? Nixon returning kicks has been a revelation. For way too long we had to watch Amari Rodgers trip over himself and stumble to cross the 20 yard line; that was if he didn't fumble the ball away before that. Nixon gives Green Bay a weapon they've needed in the special teams game for a long time. 

From there the rout was on. The Kirk Cousins of old showed up in hilarious fashion turning it over four times, including this pick 6. 

Preston shoving Kirk into the end zone at the end here was incredible. 


Jaire Alexander talked a ton of shit going into this game. In their matchup earlier in the year he barely covered Justin Jefferson and the end result wasn't pretty. He called his 184 yard 2 touchdown game a fluke. Things were a lot different today with 23 covering 18 a whole lot more. Jefferson finished the game with one catch while being targeted five times. Blanketed. Alexander even hit him with the Griddy.

There was a small part of me that wished he didn't do this so early in the game considering what the star wideout is capable of, but it didn't matter. Joe Barry's plan worked beautifully and Jefferson was completely locked down all game. Turns out having your best defender mainly cover the opposing star works! Who woulda thought. Jaire was a star today, I can't wait for his postgame interview. 

I've gone this far without mentioning Aaron Rodgers and that's a good thing. 15/24 159 yards and two TDs (one rushing). He was basically a game manager and that's totally fine. If the Packers are going to pull this off and make a run in January he can't be the focal point. The defense and running game need to carry the team like they did today. Certainly doesn't hurt when Rodgers drops in a dime here and there, but this team is constructed around the ground attack and defense. Aaron Jones got the rock today and averaged almost 8 yards a carry on 14 totes. Feed your best player and good things happen. 

Win and in thanks to the Commanders starting Carson Wentz today. Crazy Ron Rivera went with that guy, but I'm not complaining. Hand up, I didn't think this team had a shot of making a run like this. I didn't give them a puncher's chance with the way they've looked at times in the season. I mean who could blame anyone to think like that if you watch week after week. All of a sudden they've rounded into form and are knocking on the door of the postseason. Insane. Lions won't be easy. They're red hot and starving to get into the playoffs. That game should be incredible. Happy New Year and Go Pack Go,