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JJ Watt Has Announced He Is Retiring From The NFL After This Season


And just like that, JJ Watt has announced his retirement on Twitter. Despite playing his best football in years, JJ has decided to call it quits after this otherwise miserable season with the Cardinals comes to a close. He currently has 9.5 sacks, his most in a season since he had 16 in 2018, but injuries, his heart issue, and starting a family seem to have taken priority for JJ, who walks away as one of the most respected players in the NFL.

It goes without saying, but it's super unfortunate how much injuries derailed his career. To look at how he started his career



Compared to how he ended it is sort of heart breaking, knowing what could have been if the injuries didn't get him.



Regardless, he will retire one of the most influential players of all time. He can now go back to his cabin, flip all the tires he wants, and listen to Fort Minor until the cows come home.

And there's still a chance he pulls a Gronk. There's no rule that says he needs to play an entire season next year. Nobody would be shocked if come week 14 next season a contender gives Watt a ring and he suits up for one last go at a Super Bowl. Never say never. And if he doesn't, a great career is ending and we will for sure see him in Hollywood sooner than later.