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Do you remember Chiefs Super Fan X-Factor? Well turns out there are even more characters in Arrowhead than we thought. 

Well now meet Chiefsaholic. 

Chiefsaholic would rob banks on the road to go see Chiefs games. He was caught in Tulsa probably on his way to Houston to watch the Chiefs play. 

I mean, you can't make this stuff up. The guy's robbery all coincided with away games, it was rumored he would rob the banks in the wolf mask but not been confirmed. 

He apparently had multiple previous charges and would go to every game with his ankle bracelet off. 

His twitter and patterns really scream that he has been hinting at something this whole time. 

I mean this stuff is pretty nuts considering he was robbing banks this whole time. He was leaving hints everywhere. 

imagine being the FBI and being like: all these bank robberies line up with… the Chiefs away schedule… 

I mean knowing that fact that the robberies may have been connected with the chiefs could you possibly trace it to the Chiefaholic superfan lmao? This guy was living in an alternate world where he was sticking up banks and going to fan events every game. 

Sneaky I heard 60% of bank robbers get caught. I mean 40% chance of success is pretty good odds for major crimes. If this guy was really smart he would just start some sort of crypto fund and rip everyone off. Like honestly, this guy deserves way more props than SBF. This guy robbed only a little money compared to Sam Bankman-Frieds's 10 billion, and he's gonna do serious jail time compared if SBF gets off in some weird way. SBF couldn't rob a bank like Chiefsaholic.