Spin It Any Way You Want, Joe Burrow Is 3-0 Against Patrick Mahomes And The Bengals Are For REAL

I almost can't believe this is reality. The Chiefs have made the AFC title game four years in a row, their players talk all worlds of shit leading into our matchup, and the Bengals STILL win.

For whatever reason, Cincinnati has Kansas City's number. Nobody else can seem to crack these juggernauts of the AFC. Not gonna lie, once the Bengals failed to convert that 4th and short toward the end of the first half, I thought all the momentum was on the Chiefs' side. Thankfully, Joe Burrow proved me wrong in that assumption, and kept moving the ball at will on Steve Spagnuolo's defense.

I was saying this during the week: Spags can't help himself but bring pressure, and Joe Brrr was the least-blitzed QB entering Week 13. That's why I liked the Bengals so much in this matchup. Personnel-wise, Cincy is just a nightmare for KC. Their youthful secondary is no match for our horses on the outside. 

And I can't wait for the Chiefs fans to have some sort of lame excuse about how there was some sort of hometown officiating advantage afoot at Paycor Stadium. It really wasn't like that. The Bengals were the better team. I'm not even goin to apologize for speaking the truth, because that's what went down.

Wild that Cincinnati spotted the rest of the NFL two losses out of the gates when they had no business losing either of those games to the likes of Mitch Trubisky and Cooper Rush. Since then, the Bengals are 8-2, and are tied record-wise with the Ravens for first place in the AFC North.

It's so funny, because every time the Bengals and Chiefs match up, all the pressure is on Kansas City. No different in Sunday's showdown. I'm sure skeptics will say the Chiefs were due for a loss and therefore render Cincinnati's triumph some kind of fluke. But like...we're talking about three wins in pivotal situations. You can't discount any of them. I'm sorry. The Bengals are for real, and anyone who was banking on a "Super Bowl hangover" can just hold the fucking L and find a new slant.

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