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Smart Apology: Mike Tyson Said He'd Get Back In The Ring To Fight Canelo If He Laid A Hand On Messi

[Source] - But the climbdown only came after an outburst from 'Iron' Mike. BBO Sports, via Marca, claim Tyson said: "Someone called Canelo threatened Messi," before making an aggressive pledge. "If he dares to touch Messi, I will have to return to the ring."

I don't care who you are - even a professional boxer - if Mike Tyson says he's going to get back in the right to fight you, you apologize. Mike Tyson at any age, any level will always be arguably the scariest human in the world to fight. Proof: 

You know he has that somewhere still in him and I don't want to fuck around and find out. I'd prefer if Mike Tyson was on my side, not the opposite. Needless to say everyone realize it was an overreaction by Canelo: 

Uhh ya think? Pretty sure anyone with a brain understood Messi put the jersey on the floor to be washed like every other jersey on the floor. No one wants a sweaty, disgusting jersey just hanging around. But you gotta think Mike Tyson threatening to get back into the ring is a top-tier warning. It's right there with getting a text from Dave that you fucked up or a parent/significant other sending a 'we need to talk' text. You stomach just instantly drops. You want to throw up. 

Again, I don't care who you are if Tyson threatens to get back in the ring you apologize. Tough look for Mexico with Canelo apologizing and getting eliminated. Truly a shame.