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"Tuna Ina Can" - Ja'Marr Chase Hilariously Clapped Back At Shit-Talking Chiefs Safety Justin Reid Ahead Of The Bengals' AFC Championship Rematch

Andy Lyons. Getty Images.

Bengals superstar wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase said Wednesday he intends to play in Week 13's massive showdown against the Chiefs in Cincinnati, which is obviously huge news. Chase had 266 yards and three TDs in last year's penultimate regular-season game, which resulted in victory and the AFC North crown. He was also a big part of the Bengals' rally from 21-3 down in the playoffs as Cincy stunned KC at Arrowhead Stadium.

I took in all of Chase's presser, and one part of it that was most encouraging: He could've maybe pushed it and played this past weekend against the Titans. Instead, he held himself out with an eye toward his long-term health and just to ensure he was comfortable enough going forward. Then, Chase dropped this lovely quote on the gallery:

EVEN BETTER: Once he'd wrapped up his media obligations and whatever else was on the agenda, Chase got on the Twitter machine, noticed that Kansas City safety Justin Reid was trying to talk smack, and decided to fuck around and respond in delightful fashion:

First of all, Justin Reid doesn't even know the difference between wideout Tee Higgins and tight end Hayden Hurst. He couldn't even keep those dudes straight. Unclear how he intends to shut down either of them on Sunday given that context.

I just hope Reid doesn't try to come on some cutesy Steve Spagnuolo exotic blitz, because um, if Hayden Hurst is in there as an extra protector, keep your head on a swivel, buddy!

Here's my worried face when it comes to the Bengals playing against the Chiefs:

Giphy Images.

Kansas City has made it to the NFL's Final Four in four consecutive postseasons. They're thirsty to lay vengeance upon the Bengals. Their players can't even talk trash properly, and their fans are whining about officiating and other related nonsense. I don't get it. Why are y'all so obsessed with us?

Here's where my lack of worry stems from: If the Chiefs win, it'll just prove they're the best team in the AFC, the Bengals are frauds and that'll be that. Cincinnati will be written off as a pretender. Or some people will say they're for real if the game is even close. If the Bengals pull off the "upset" at home, some will say "oh they're BACK to Super Bowl form" even though they never left. I imagine others will view it as the peak of their season, or believe they'll suffer an inevitable letdown and succumb to a difficult schedule down the stretch. I can see the storylines now.

Either way the general consensus and confirmation biases are the same. Many wanted the Bengals to regress after their "fluke" run to the Super Bowl, and amid a 0-2 start, those idiots started taking victory laps. Now suddenly, uh-oh, they're 7-2 since, and managed to win their last three without Ja'Marr Chase.

It seems like in this budding rivalry, the Bengals are always in the position of leverage regardless of the outcome. Another key: KC's defensive backfield has a lot of new faces, and Spagnuolo loves to bring pressure. Thing is, with Joe Burrow's massively upgraded pass protection and continued evolution as a player, he's the least-blitzed QB in the NFL, per PFF, because defenses know they'll just get burned when they send extra rushers. That's a bad tactical matchup if I've ever seen one, especially now that Chase is returning to the lineup.

I know doubting Patrick Mahomes in any scenario is a bad idea, and I'm not saying he's going to puke all over himself like he did in the second halves of both of last year's meetings. However, Bengals defensive coordinator Lou Anarumo is a genius at post-half adjustments against pretty much everyone, so it's not like that can be written off as a fluke. 

Have a feeling it'll come down to the final possession, and if Joey B and Ja'Marr have the ball, I like Cincinnati's chances. Can't wait for Sunday.

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