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Least Surprising News Of The Day: Patrick Peterson Confirms Kyler Murray Is A Self-Centered Prick Who Only Cares About Himself

There is merit to the adage of not judging a book by its cover, but I've come to a pretty reasonable conclusion of late. If a public figure's personality seems shitty from afar, it's probably even worse up-close. 

I've never met Kyler Murray personally, nor have a I witnessed what he's like in an NFL locker room. Patrick Peterson has. Other than a dubious suspension in 2019, few players around the league epitomize professionalism as much as this guy. He knows a great teammate when he sees one. 

And Kyler Murray emphatically ain't one, according to Pat Pete.

Remember that Peterson now plays for the Kirk Cousins-led Minnesota Vikings. Captain Kirk may be nerdy, but he knows how to play from the pocket consistently and has the Vikings at 8-2. Peterson has had a resurgent 2022 campaign in which he ranks top-five in PFF's coverage grades. I like how he waited until he and his new team bounced back to dunk on Kyler and the 4-8 Cardinals. Give him credit for allowing a bit of time to see if anything would change out in the desert. 

Turns out, it didn't — and it also turns out that when Peterson mocked Murray not long ago, that was some real animosity coming out and not just a friendly, rivalrous barb.

Of course Kyler Murray only cares about Kyler Murray. To refer directly to the story above, he didn't have the wherewithal to put down his video game controller and study more film. It had to be put into the big-boy contract extension he signed this offseason.

One thing if we're just talking about a spoiled kid who has to mature and figure out time management. I feel like many people struggle with that to some degree or another. But once that comical contract stipulation was leaked? I mean to let something that fucking embarrassing get out to the mass media just shows how little reverence some folks in the Cardinals organization have for their golden-armed, fleet-footed QB.

UPDATE: Kyler has responded...and get a load of this: He got immediately snippy and defensive:

Additionally, Peterson speculates that Arizona coach Kliff Kingsbury will be the scapegoat for the team's struggles. Of course he will be. Kingsbury signed an extension this offseason along with GM Steve Keim, but the coach is the easiest guy to fire among the three key franchise figureheads, with Murray being the hardest.

Barring a sharp change in personality from Kyler — which I won't 100% give up on, but I'm close — who the hell is gonna want to coach this guy? He seems insufferable. Nothing on Hard Knocks from what I've seen has changed my mind on him. Kyler sucks. Has a toxic Napoleon/superiority complex cocktail that's creating a toxic locker room environment. Poor JJ Watt could've signed with his hometown team in Green Bay two years ago. Instead, Watt, Budda Baker, DeAndre Hopkins and other Cards veterans are dealing with Kyler's churlish, childish bullshit.

The unsavory stories are piling up.

That latest story about Kyler saying the Cardinals were schematically fucked? Reminded me of this.

Either Kyler has to look himself in the mirror and change the way he carries himself and his study habits, or just peace the fuck out and go play baseball.

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