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The Jets Could Be Calling Queens, NY Their Home Soon If They Decide To Opt Out Of MetLife Stadium And Move To Willets Point

With reports that NYCFC is set to move to Willets point in Queens there's been buzz that the Jets could be changing homes as well thanks to their upcoming opt-out decision with Metlife Stadium. Though the Jets are quite comfortable with their large practice facility in New Jersey, most players enjoy NJ taxes over NY taxes, and the city's distractions; there might be a much better alternative to a facility in Willets point.  A long time ago, when Rikers Island was in talks to be shut down, I proposed a perfect repurposing of the island. A NY Football Stadium. 

Randalls would be the ultimate spot to develop into multiple sporting and entertainment venues for NYC.

Just put a couple more bridges and access points now that they are trying to ensure there's not only one way in one way out (bottlenecking escaping), and that would be a great stadium spot. Put a bridge to Long island for fans coming from there, a bridge to castle hill that could suffice all the traffic from upstate, and the rest can get in through the infrastructure that's built for LaGuardia airport. Teams could fly into Laguardia easily and get to the games. Now that I think of it I should really be in urban planning. Randall's island would also be a good spot to put it 

This should be the only place NY should try to put the Jets or Giants. It is too traffic-consuming to travel to Willets point. Building new bridges to Rikers after shutting it down would be the ultimate urban renewal project to create something amazing out of something so penal. It would also be a little more accessible to Upstate and New Jersey residents than Willets points if a couple of new bridges were put in. Total pipe dream, but would be much cooler than Willets Point.