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Broncos Country, Let's Ride: Teammates Are Reportedly Turning On Russ Wilson After Just 11 Games Together

This is the least shocking thing of all time right? I wonder what the giveaway was: 


Or maybe the fact that Russ is an all-time weird dude. He can't just act normal. Every time he speaks it's people laughing at him and almost like he's doing it on purpose. Every time he's on a long flight he's doing high knees in the aisle. Just be normal dude. That's all people want. Well, that and not to suck. But if you're at least normal people will defend you. People will blame Hackett. People will blame receivers or the offensive line. Instead we have this. 

It's a good thing the Broncos decided to give him a long-term contract right away too. That won't backfire in the slightest. That won't have people losing their minds every time Russ has the ball. Instead we're here. Every week there's some of hilarious story coming out about Russ. In a season where so many teams stink and quarterbacks have fallen off, all people can make fun of is Russ. 

Good news for Hackett though. People love him. He's got that going for him. Can't figure out red zone plays or how to get the ball to Javonte Williams when healthy. But he's got the locker room. Impressive really. 

3-8 baby.