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The Commanders Once Again Try And Fail To Honor Sean Taylor - This Time By Unveiling A Mannequin "Memorial" Meant To Honor Him


Today is a special Sean Taylor day at FedEx Field. Sean's family is there, they're having a ceremony for Sean, and they unveiled a "statue" that they for sure avoided calling a statue in the lead up because what they actually unveiled was a mannequin. I think I've seen that same mannequin at Foot Locker at the mall. And Commanders fans are rightfully wondering how the fuck they can mess up yet another tribute to Sean. Now I will say this- I understand the gesture. And the fact it takes way more than a few weeks to make an actual statue. But why half-ass this? Why make a big deal out of honoring Sean Taylor AGAIN, only to fuck it up AGAIN? They really got a mannequin from TJ Maxx, a Nike jersey, Reebok pants, Adidas soccer cleats, and no tape on the facemask and called it "honoring" him.

Now if you don't remember what I'm referring to, the last time they tried to honor Sean it was an absolute travesty. They gave fans 3 days notice of the number retirement, and completely botched the whole thing.





I guess this is an annual event now. "How bad can we botch something meant to honor Sean Taylor?" It's sad. It sucks. Can't wait for the Jason Wright apology tour, once again. 

At least the new owner is on the horizon. Sigh. HTTC?