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Eric Wynalda Did A Twitter Spaces Where He Said That USMNT Has Major Internal Issues After Head Coach Berhalter Benched Reyna And Asked Him To Lie

This is the last thing we needed to hear after the draw against England yesterday. I believe that Reyna definitely wants to play. I don't know exactly how he fits into the lineup right now because I don't know who they take off. USMNT wants to play with a traditional striker instead of a false 9 look. So then it really comes down to Weah vs Reyna. Weah has been good and provides more speed down the wing. That group looked SO committed to the plan yesterday that it is hard to imagine the group is pouting behind the scenes because Reyna didn't start. 

Now, if this is more about playing Jordan Morris in the Wales game that makes sense. That was absurd. Wynalda is kind of a blowhard. I take what he says with a salt lick. The play against England and the energy, emotion didn't smack of a team that has a high level of strife that Wynalda is referring to. 

We have momentum. We have an opportunity to advance against Iran. That was always the goal. Don't fuck it up for your country and those guys by talking out of turn and creating a distraction. If Berhalter is as big of an asshole as Wynalda is saying then lets figure it out after the tournament and fire him then. Not now. Now everything should be cohesive and about beating Iran.