Bijan Robinson's 243-Yard, 4-TD Performance Is Further Proof The Texas Running Back Is A Human Cheat Code


I think it can be a little cliche to say a football player is a "human cheat code" and can often exaggerate an individual's greatness. When it comes to Texas tailback Bijan Robinson, well, I think at this point he's earned that prestigious distinction.

How else do you explain handing the damn ball off to him with 10 seconds remaining before halftime, trusting that he'll either get down after a decent gain to set up a field goal, or get out of bounds in time to stop the clock...only for him to fuck around and damn near score a touchdown? (As you can see below, he went airborne in from one yard out on the next play to score).

I don't think that's as much of an incitment of Quinn Ewers as it is Steve Sarkisian just saying, "Uhh...yeah let's just hand it to our best player and see what happens." Seemed like the go-to strategy for the day, and the result was a big-ass 55-14 Big 12 beatdown of Kansas.

Sometimes I'm guilty of falling into groupthink when it comes to evaluating certain NFL Draft prospects. At this point, unless he posts a catastrophic 40-yard dash time, I'd be stunned if Robinson wasn't the consensus RB1 in the 2023 class and the first back off the board. You ideally don't want to spend first-round picks on running backs nowadays, yet Robinson is the special type of guy who'd justify such a selection.

Crazy field vision, minimal speed lost in and out of his cuts, the ability to get downhill in a hurry and the blend of raw power, agility and athleticism make the 6-foot, 220-pound Robinson one of the better prospects at his position in recent memory. I mean look at his fourth and final TD of the game, where pretty much every trick and skill set in his bag was on display.


Feels like Bijan Robinson deserves a little more attention than he gets. Saturday's performance was impossible to ignore.

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