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"What You Lookin' At, Bro?" - DeAndre Hopkins Blasts Kyler Murray For Poor Field Vision And Kyler Reacts Exactly How You'd Expect

Hard Knocks In Season: The Arizona Cardinals premiered last night on HBO and I couldn't help but pass along this clip of Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins arguing on the sideline after the quarterback missed the star wideout on a would-be, wide-open completion.

How does Kyler react? Gets defensive, pouty and initially storms away from the confrontation with the one man who might be able to help him salvage a non-embarrassing 2022 season.

Funny enough, Kyler can also be heard saying, "Calm the fuck down!" to Hopkins. Stop me if you've heard that from him in any context before.

Oh yeah...

Another funny bit of this clip: Around the 35-second mark of that Twitter video, it really looks like Hopkins is saying, "Man, fuck this shit." as Kingsbury is trying to fire up the troops. I think he's more frustrated with Kyler than he is tuning out Kingsbury. Regardless, the plot thickens!!

The Cardinals wound up losing this Week 9 matchup against the Seahawks 27-13, wherein Kyler threw for only 175 yards and targeted Hopkins only five times (four catches, 36 yards and a TD).

What I hope this edition of Hard Knocks reveals more than anything is, in my opinion, the biggest question/dilemma/issue the Cardinals need to get to the bottom of. Because everyone's calling for Kliff Kingsbury's head and I totally get why. All the late-season collapses since he took over. A dubious scheme in terms of consistently translating to NFL success. Kyler not living up to his full potential. 

But here's my thing: If Kingsbury got the pink slip, would Kyler straight-up suck? Because we know he prefers video games to extra film study. He's playing the same offense he played in during college. I can't imagine his work ethic is phenomenal based on what's leaked to the general public. I'm not so sure Kingsbury leaving and Kyler learning a whole new system/terminology wouldn't torpedo his entire career. That's what Arizona needs to find out.

Plays like this are just one of the many examples where I start to feel like it's on Kyler. not like Hopkins doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about. This guy made a career in Houston out of producing at a high level despite being saddled with a revolving door of shitty quarterbacks and mostly bad rosters. Nuk has to be frustrated that Kyler has the talent to be a top-five QB and yet is still making bad reads, dumb decisions and is not the mature franchise leader his massive second contract would suggest.

It's Kyler's fourth season. Time to stop giving him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he can put the sticks down, get a little extra work in with Hopkins as he works back from a six-game suspension and maybe get the 3-6 Cardinals back in the playoff hunt. unfortunately, reports are out now, and it was explored in the first episode of Hard Knocks — that the undersized Murray is dealing with a hamstring injury. Ruh-roh. Could get even uglier in the desert very soon here.

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