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SHADY AS FUCK- Tonight’s Record Setting $1.9 BILLION Powerball Drawing Won’t Be Shown Live “Due To Technical Difficulties”

CNN- The California Lottery announced late Monday night that it's delaying the Powerball drawing because officials need more time to complete security protocols.

"Powerball has strict security requirements that must be met by all 48 lotteries before a drawing can occur," the California Lottery said in a post on social media. 

A participating lottery needs extra time to meet those requirements before the drawing can be conducted, according to the post.

Hey you fucks! Be more vague. You can’t.

No big deal right? Just the largest jackpot in world history. Enough wealth to change your grandkids’ grandkids’ lives. Enough money to make you and them all bulletproof enough to drown people in Chapaquidick and then become Senator. 

And you’re not going to Fucking show us the drawing live? Like it’s the NBA lottery that was so rigged they didn’t even deny it, they just decided to scrap pulling ping pong balls altogether on tv and just telling us the “results” instead? 

As a guy firmly on the record for years now that 50/50 raffles at sports games are all fixed (seriously, who knows somebody first hand who has ever won one before? Nobody minds or cares because it’s for charity. Only way the scheme has gone on as long as it has.) this just screams from the high heavens “the fix is in.”

"When the required security protocols are complete, the drawing will be performed under the supervision of lottery security officials and independent auditors. Winning numbers will be posted as soon as they are available," the California Lottery said. 

The delay for the highly anticipated drawing comes as the Powerball lottery jackpot has swelled to $1.9 billion Monday, according to the California Lottery, making it the largest lotto prize ever offered -- just as its organizers intended when they changed the odds in 2015.

Pretty convenient no California?

One of the brokest, most inept governments in the country (which is saying a lot), predicted to undergo a significant change in leadership, on the eve of one of the most politically charged, media frenzied elections in memory, with the perrrrrfect opportunity to bail themselves out of an unfathomable amount of debt. Or to line peoples pockets on the way out of town. 

Giphy Images.

Whoever “wins” this phantom jackpot better have every bone in their graveyard dug up. Every skeleton in their closet exposed. We need full family sixty minute interviews and exposes shown to prove these people are legit, and not just some plant or patsy that’s collecting a windfall for the state. Oldest play in the book.

Just ask Whitey.