Power Move - Arkansas Basketball Star Ricky Council IV Is Named After His Dad. So Are His Brothers, Ricky II And Ricky III

This is it. This is my favorite college basketball stat this year and it won't be topped. George Foreman and Ricky Council (the first? I? Sr.?) are two guys who flipped the baby-naming game on its head. I don't blame them. I've had to name two sons and it can be difficult, mostly because you need two people to agree on one thing. Do you know how hard it is to get two people to agree on one decision? It's nearly impossible. One person likes traditional names. One person (hopefully you're not married to them) is a fan of names like Bayleigh or wants to spell a name like an asshole. 

Easiest thing to do?

Throw a number on the back. That's why I respect it. Would love to know what Ricky, the first of his name, said to convince his wife? Probably sat down at the dinner table and said 'I got it. What if .. hear me out ... we just named every boy after me?" Incredible and factually correct because I had to double check this: 


How do you give the lone daughter the name Rhianna? You gotta go with Rickie or Rikki or something like that. It's right there! You already have experience with the Ricky II and III name. Also need to know what all the boys are called at home. You can't just say Ricky all the fucking time. Gotta go with Junior, Trey and something else, then again the youngest kid always is forgotten about anyways. 

1 game at Arkansas after transferring from Wichita State and the dude drops 22 while everyone talks about his name. Hell of a night.