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LeBron Got Caught In Another Lie Last Night, Paying Tribute To The Late "Takeoff" From Migos, Giving Himself Credit and Making Up Facts While Doing So.

"I was listening to those guys my first year with the Heat in 2010. You can ask any one of my teammates back then, they had no idea who the Migos was… I was like 'I'm telling you these guys are next.'"

Lebron is that guy everybody hates, who always has to interject and tell everybody, "yah, they're ok. Not as good as they were back when nobody knew who they were. I liked them when they were indie." whenever they get excited talking about a band they enjoy.

The guy who complains, "that place was much better back before it blew up and became popular," when you rave about a restaurant you just went to and loved.

He's simultaneously the quintessential Debbie Downer AND one-upper. 

It's seriously impressive. 

Now, is it possible LeBron was telling the truth here, and simply mixed up dates? 

Yes, of course. But sadly, the same guy responsible for this-

and this-

and this-

doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt.

We all know those people who lie about random things for some bizarre reason. 

We know they're full of shit, they know that we know they're full of shit, yet they continue the charade. So fucking weird.

Our pal Jack Mac weighed in on the subject

Again, there's no mistaking LeBron was a huge Migos guy. And that he loved Takeoff. 

But just leave it at that. Why go out of your way to tell the world you were on them first, before anybody even knew who they were? 

One of LeBron's best buddies is Drake and I am fairly confident even he didn't know who the fuck Migos was in 2010. Or 2011. Or 2012. I base this on the fact that he re-recorded the song that blasted them off to the moon, and put them on the map, "Versace" with them in 2013.


p.s. - The Falcons also honored Takeoff before kickoff yesterday at Mercedes Benz Stadium

p.p.s. - speaking of Debbie Downer. These will never not make me laugh,