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A Twitter User Has Accurately Predicted Every Jets Win And Loss This Season Using A Coin

In one of the most impossible turn of events the Jets' season has gone exactly to this Twitter User's coin flip predictions. 

An 11-6 season that ends with a loss in the AFC Championship game would be amazing and most likely that would get Saleh a Coach of the Year award. Honestly, I don’t even care if this thing stays true for the entire season as long as it stays accurate for the Jets to beat the Patriots in two weeks. I would almost take a win over the Patriots and finishing above .500 for the season over getting to the AFC Championship. I mean no one remembers AFC Championship games but people will remember beating the Patriots for the first time since 2015. Or they can beat the Patriots and win the AFC Championship game and win the Super Bowl. Would be all-time. But the coin tells us that's impossible. And since it apparently is running the Jets season, I guess we have to brace for what's coming in Week 11 while getting excited for the AFC Championship game.

All hail the coin.