Chad Kelly To Start In First Professional Football Game

The time is right for Chad Kelly to take the reins at quarterback and see what he can do, perhaps even not do, with all eyes focused on the Argonauts’ first-year player.

There have been times during the season when it seemed obvious to give Kelly some reps when the offence struggled and some change of pace was required.

He can run, can make all the throws, and is willing to sacrifice his body.

What he lacked was experience.

Having now dressed in all 17 games during the regular season and with the Argos and visiting Montreal Alouettes essentially hooking up for a meaningless game, there’s no reason why Kelly shouldn’t start and be allowed to showcase his talents.

Not since his collegiate days at Ole Miss has Kelly started.



The long story of Chad Kelly has been documented throughout time, but here we see the culmination of hard work and determination. An SEC star that was Mr. Irrelevant in the NFL Draft has now gotten to a point where he could start for a professional football team. Maybe not in the U.S, but this is the first step in taking the next step. 

Chad and I have had our differences; at one point, he blocked me on Twitter, but it was a miscommunication regarding intentions. I have the utmost respect for Chad and hope he has an amazing Saturday. 


The guy is electric, and hope to see him transition to the CFL in his first start in an effective way. He's got a big arm and great mobility hope he kills it.