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A Wild Brawl Took Place On Staten Island At The End Of The Miss Sri Lanka Beauty Pageant

SI Live- Video circulating on social media shows what appears to be a brawl on the grounds of the Vanderbilt in South Beach Friday night as the Miss Sri Lanka New York Pageant was coming to a close.

Chandra Muniweera, an organizer of the pageant, said she was unaware of the fight until she heard about it the next morning, noting the incident happened close to midnight — when the event was nearly over. She claimed no one involved in the competition, which handed out prizes and raised funds for a Sri Lankan cancer hospital in need of medicine, equipment and renovations, was involved in the fight.

Well it's about time we saw one of these fights. I'm not talking about a Sri Lankan fight since I don't know any Sri Lankans or Staten Island fights, which I have seen PLENTY. I do work with a guy from Staten Island that is known for his temper. However he went to therapy, learned to identify his triggers, and has shown real growth from an anger standpoint.

I'm talking about finally seeing a video of people engulfed in the pageant circuits throwing hands. It could be the contestants, their family, or any weirdos involved in that crazy industry. But the fact I have never even seen a brawl or even a kerfuffle at a beauty pageant is nuts since everything about them ripe for fights to break out. High pressure situations. Contestants being trained nonstop since they were little kids how to strut, bat their eyelashes, and answer questions like a politician. Everyone they know in the crowd uncomfortable due to the pressure along with being dressed to the nines. And then at the end, one person is declared the winner based on subjective opinions while everyone else is declared a loser.

Sure there is smiling and clapping for the pageant queen after she is announced the winner. But you can't tell me everyone on the stage AND in the crowd isn't quietly looking to go (House of the Dragon episode 9 spoiler) Rhaenys Targaryen on the person that was just given the crown.

Actually I think there would have been some fire being dracarys'd all over those green assholes if that was a beauty pageant instead of the coronation of a king. Which is why it was so refreshing to see this fight on Staten Island take place along with the requisite "GET THE FUCK OUT" and "DON'T FUCKING DO IT" that have been yelled at countless establishments in Manhattan, the Jersey Shore, and wherever else Staten Islanders have duked it out over the years. It may not be the biggest or most famous bureau. But it sure as hell has heart.

UPDATE: After blogging this, I searched YouTube for Beauty Pageant Fights to see if I was missing out on a goldmine of fights, which there unfortunately were none of. However wouldn't you know it, the first result was oddly Mrs. World grabbing the crown off of Mrs. Sri Lanka's head.

I don't know how the Sri Lankas keep getting caught in this crossfire of these dicey situations but I feel like this may be an investigation for P.I. Glenny Balls to get to the bottom of.