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It Appears Kyler Murray Told Kliff Kingsbury To "Calm The Fuck Down", Which Is Merely The Latest Proof That Kyler Is The Worst

I despise Kyler Murray. I don't know him personally, so I always use the qualifier of "sports hating" someone because what do any of us outsiders really know about these guys as human beings? I'm considering making an exception here when it comes to this guy.

There have been so few players in the history of football to be blessed with the natural talent Kyler has, and all indications are he's going to piss it all away for being a little bitch boy. The Arizona Cardinals have bent over backwards to accommodate his diva ways. This man child prioritizes video games over film study, and the desperate, maligned Cardinals franchise still paid him a contract worth over $230 million. LOL.

Of course no one wants to rock the boat when it comes to Kyler, because just like any douche of his ilk, if you ruffle the feathers a little too much, he either shuts down and gives you the cold shoulder, or lashes out like he did here. I would think excessive gaming would be a healthy, safe space for Kyler to let out his anger. Guess not.

Look, yelling is going to happen sometimes in the heat of competition. It's just that..when you haven't won a single fucking thing of note in the NFL, you should probably shut the fuck up. Especially if you want to be a quality team captain and steady field general. Maybe change it up a bit and try to be a team player, buddy.

GM Steve Keim, Kliff Kingsbury and Kyler all received major contract extensions this offseason after that egg Arizona laid in the playoffs. 

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The Cardinals have collapsed down the stretch in every year of Kingsbury's tenure. Kyler doesn't take criticism well, and I get that someone who's a Texas high school legend to the degree that he is and a Heisman Trophy winner is going to take time to acclimate to NFL-level adversity. That said, I feel like Kyler is just spoiled and always WHINING ABOUT SOMETHING. The front office and ownership had to be fooling themselves if they thought paying him a ton of money would transform him into better teammate or locker room guy.

But hey…Kyler can keep running around, alternate between shooting his mouth off and being passive aggressive, all the while shunning the finer, disciplined points of the quarterback position. Maybe it'll work out. Sure looks like the Cardinals will win Thursday Night Football over the Saints thanks to two pick-six gifts from Andy Dalton, which would mark Arizona's first home victory in their last nine games.

Oh yeah, almost forgot: Through 6.5 games, the 2-4 Cardinals had run a total of 13 plays with the lead all season. I don't care how bad the team is around you. If you're a quarterback getting paid the assload of money that Kyler Murray is, that should not even come close to happening.

Cardinals fans should almost be rooting for losses at this point. They're stuck with Kyler, and it's pretty clear Kingsbury ain't it as a head coach. They could really use a no-nonsense, credible leader of men to get Kyler's immature ass in line. Or, you know, keep surrounding him with yes men. If you see tonight's footage and come away thinking the all-important coach-QB relationship is just fine, or that it's "great to see" Kyler get fired up, I don't know what to tell you except that I vehemently disagree.

I'd like to end this by bringing full circle a controversy of recent days, by sharing this BEN VOLIN photo of Kyler rocking a shirt that, in essence, says "EASY MONEY" once he got his massive payday…in spite of, again, how little he's actually achieved in the NFL.

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