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The Golden State Warriors' Yellow Diamond Championship Rings Are Absolutely Sick

Ezra Shaw. Getty Images.


Didn't even know yellow diamonds were a thing. As reported on the TNT telecast, there are 16 yellow diamonds on these Golden State Warriors championship rings to represent each win during their playoff run. Then, we have a 43-piece baguette design that signifies Stephen Curry's 43 points in Game 4 of the NBA Finals. That signature performance in Boston tied up the series with the Celtics 2-2, set up Curry's Finals MVP run, and the Dubs didn't lose another game from then on.

The whole Chef Curry/baguette pun I guess kind of but that's kind of more of a baking-specific pun and we're not going to veer off into Baker Mayfield territory up in this blog any more than we are right now. Even though Baker is currently playing in the city of Charlotte where Steph grew up OK STOPPPPP. 

Back on topic: Perhaps the coolest thing is that when you move a little notch on the ring where the player's jersey number is — Curry's 30 is pictured above — it reveals the number of Larry O'Brien Trophies each man has won. So the newbie champions get the one, but for Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, they get four of those bad boys.

Another great twist: The Warriors tweeted out a deftly edited video of Curry at the podium from two season ago, which is now iconic since it turned out to be a prescient, cold-blooded warning to the rest of the NBA: 

After giving the damn bag to Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole, it's unclear what Draymond's future holds. Regardless, four championships in eight years is a dynastic reign in the NBA no matter how you slice it. Nothing can change that even if Draymond socking Poole in the face means he's no longer in Golden State's plans going forward.

Sorry I know this is a Boston-founded company and the wounds are still probably pretty fresh from the 2022 Finals. Gotta respect the Dubs, though. Game 4 highlights below!


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