Joe Rogan Had Another Navy Pilot On To Describe His UFO Experience And I Believe Him

This was refreshing. We've had so many controversies and major world events that have obviously bled into every facet of content from sports to the world's biggest podcast. This is the JRE. Big time qualified guest who flies F-18s and just so happens to be a guy who bumped into UFO buzzing our tower. 

Aliens are real. I know they are real. I don't know if they're coming here, but somehow aliens flying around our cities and coasts is less scary than another country doing it. The fact that this guy said that they would see these UFOs on their radar every single day is crazy to me. Eventually aren't you going to get so curious that you just blast it out of the sky? I feel like I would do that immediately. Ask questions later. I feel like the rules of engagement would allow for that. In our air space (Earth's atmosphere), bud. That's their risk. We are a violent species. You come in our neck of the universe prepare to get shot and maybe UFO-jacked. 

Flying grey cubes with a sphere on the inside sounds like the wildest shit anyone could even dream up. These fucking assholes though. The sentence at the very end drove me insane. "We were going to do our training. The only time we could ever put energy into studying these things was when we were in transit. It was never a dedicated analysis."

BRO, WHAT!?! ITS A FLYING GREY CUBE WITH A SPHERE ON THE INSIDE. Your generic ass training exercise can fucking wait. We have a UFOs flying around constantly. Every day for 13+ hours a day and nobody in the military thinks we should be dedicating time to tailing and studying these guys. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Oh, we couldn't because it costs $30k/hour to fly an F-18 blah blah blah. What the fuck are we paying for if we can't use our most advanced pilots and jets to study something that NOBODY else has the tools to study. I would love to know how a grey cube sphere ufo got here, how it's powered, what the fuck they want, everything. That is a better use of that $30k.