Some Asshole Ran Onto The Field During MNF And Luckily We All Got To See Bobby Wagner Lay Him Out

A couple quick things here. 1) This is how fans on the field should always end, especially in football. 2) Bobby Wagner didn't even get a clean hit! I mean sure getting tackled by Bobby Wagner would not be ideal and would put me on the couch for an extended period of time, but that wasn't some MASSIVE hit. Then again, I'd be pissed too if some idiot was running on the field not long after this happened.

But again, this is Bobby Wagner. This is a multiple-time All Pro. He should have taken shoes off with this sort of hit. You finally get your chance to take out some anger while losing on an idiot fan. Do it. That's a moment Wagner wants back.

Oh and how about the fact we got the up close view on Manningcast? Main broadcast didn't show us shit and we're getting guys zooming in on Manningcast? This should always be the case if we get a player smoking a player rushing the field. I don't need Joe Buck just telling me what happened and then searching Twitter/going to Manningcast too. 

PS: Goodell is going to try and fine him isn't he?