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Tua Tagovailoa's Trippy Mirrored Highlights Reveal How He'd Look Right-Handed And Should Convince You To Join TuAnon

Patrick Smith. Getty Images.


It's unusual to see a left-handed quarterback. There have been maybe a handful of successful ones in the NFL. Maybe that's part of the reason Tua Tagovailoa still gets hate after throwing for 469 yards, six TDs and sparking an insane 42-38 comeback victory for the Miami Dolphins in Week 2 at Baltimore. Thankfully, someone went through the trouble of assembling Tua's highlights from Sunday to show him off as a righty. If you still doubt him upon viewing the footage, I don't know what to tell you.

All I see is a dime-throwing quarterback ripping seeds and dropping dimes all over the Ravens secondary. "YEAH BUT THE RECEIVERS ARE WIDE-OPEN AND BALTIMORE BLEW COVERAGES!" you say? Oh I see, so maybe Tua should not throw to the open guys? Perhaps he'd have better success in the National Football League if he allowed the Ravens' DBs to recover and then deliver the ball?

What's the take at this point? Sorry that you didn't have Mike McDaniel as a legitimate Coach of the Year candidate before the season started. Sorry if you couldn't tell that Tua was totally fucked six ways from Sunday since he entered the NFL by the piss-poor support Miami gave him from the jump.

You know how third down is often referred to as the "money down" by football guys? How much more straight-cash could Tua possibly be in said situations?

As for the "lack of arm strength" that Tua supposedly has, I still struggle with that one. Thank you Travis Wingfield for this next stat, too:

The first bomb to Tyreek Hill from Week 2's highlight package is one I want to focus on in particular. To my eye, it's easier to see with this flipped video. Tua is drifting away from pressure, and as a righty, it's a lot harder to throw when you're moving left as opposed to right. Basic physics and momentum. Same goes for the southpaw Tua when he's fading right. The guy still got enough mustard on the ball to beat the coverage and sent the rock over 55 yards in the air while not being completely on his spot.


I'm sorry but not everyone is going to be Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes when it comes to freakish power slinging the pigskin. The notion that Tua "can't throw deep" or lacks enough arm talent to be an NFL starter is nonsense.

If y'all Trey Lance haters are going to use Jimmy Garoppolo's record and argue that wins are a QB stat when they suit you — I don't agree with that fully, but go off — then you have to acknowledge how Tua has stepped up versus elite competition, even with the deck stacked against him for his first two seasons.

Imagine! In the modern NFL, giving someone as cerebral and accurate as Tua an offensive genius of a head coach who actually buys into his talent instead of Chan Gailey for one year and multiple offensive coordinators the next! Turns out the results may not suck if you support the young QB you drafted fifth overall to be the face of the franchise.

So to recap: A weird COVID year where Tua was recuperating from a severe hip injury and stuck behind Ryan Fitzpatrick, who was reuniting with Gailey and had the offense tailor-made for his skill set. Then the nonsense of 2021 that caused a 1-7 start. Both years, one of the worst offensive lines in football. Add McDaniel and Tyreek to the mix…and look what's happening.

We are TuAnon. Expect us.

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