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Broncos Country Is Riding With Russell Wilson For Five More Years After Locking Him Up To A MASSIVE $245 Million Extension

I could do the typical knucklehead blog where I accentuate the crazy amount of money made by someone thst is only playing the most important position in sports (hence the CAPS for MASSIVE in the title) or how the Broncos new owner won't even notice a extra quarter billion missing from his Walmart built pockets considering he is so rich, he didn't even bother to learn Roger Goodell's name.

However instead I am going to congratulate the Broncos on finally finding their QB of the present and the near future. The idea of drafting your quarterback of the future and having a stud QB1 on the cheap for a few years seems fun until you live through the Brock Osweilers, Trevor Siemians, Paxton Lynches, and Drew Locks. But acquiring future Hall of Famers that still have something in the tank like Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson seems like a much sure bet. 

So buckle up Denver, it appears you guys finally have a QB worth a damn again. Then what do you do after you buckle up, Broncos nation? That's ride!

Can someone please add a quarter billion dollars worth of money falling over the green screen on whatever the video version of Photoshop is (Videoshop?)