Aaron Rodgers Told Joe Rogan He Played a Game on Percocets. And Twitter May Have ID'ed Which Game, Since He Appeared to Be Tripping Balls After.

Rob Carr. Getty Images.

By now you're probably familiar with Aaron Rodgers appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience, in which he tore into the NFL for their Covid policies toward him and other unvaccinated players, among other things:

Well one of the discussions Rodgers and Rogan had in the three-hour conversation dealt with the pharmaceutical companies. How much they spend on advertising, the times they've paid massive fines for knowingly selling drugs they knew would be harmful, the NFL's widespread use of prescription meds to manage pain, and how many players Rodgers has known who got hooked on them. And in particular, he told a story about the time he played a game on Percocets:

He didn't elaborate. Or give any clues as to the game in question. For that, we turn to internet sleuths. From which no truth can remain hidden for long. The most common theory is that it was Week 1 of the 2018 season, Chicago at Green Bay, on Sunday Night Football. 

The evidence, while circumstantial, is nevertheless compelling. Consider:

Rodgers was injured on a sack by the Bears Roy Robertson-Harris on the Packers fourth possession, and gave way to DeShone Kizer. Their 1st half sack drives went:

  • Punt (5 plays)
  • Punt (3 & out)
  • Punt (3 & out)
  • Punt (3 & out), Rodgers injured
  • Fumble by Kizer
  • Interception by Kizer (a pick-6)
  • Kneel down

Rodgers returned after the half, with Chicago up 17-0. And from there, the Green Bay drives went:

  • Field goal
  • Touchdown (39 yard pass)
  • Touchdown (12 yard pass)
  • Touchdown (75 yard pass) for the lead
  • Run out the clock. 24-23 victory for Green Bay

All of which would be admissible in court. But probably not enough evidence to return a unanimous verdict by an impartial jury of his peers. There are plenty of possible explanations of why a quarterback would be struggling, get pulled from the game, head to the locker room, then emerge a super-accurate, high-powered, metahuman version of himself. Maybe he just needed a breather. Perhaps Mike McCarthy gave the greatest motivational speech in the history of halftimes. Let's not rule out a can of Popeye spinach. That it could've been this one game and no other is just a hypothesis. One that requires proof. 

Like this:

Yup. Hopped up on goofballs. 


Holy moly, was Rodgers high as a lab rat after that one. His eyes were the size of flashlight lenses and just as glassy. Pupils like pinholes. His voice is a good two octaves higher. Take the jersey and the sideline hat off of him and he could've been one of the guys dancing to Fatboy Slim in the Woodstock '99 rave tent. It's to Rodgers' credit he kept it professional and Hannah Storm didn't get a pharmaceutical version of the treatment Suzy Kolber got from Joe Namath. 

And check out the numbers on NBC's chyron on the bottom of that video. Anyone in the NFL who realized that's the kind of performance enhancement you can get from a dose of the old Hillbilly Heroin would probably consider putting them on the training table instead of leafy greens. Even more credit to Rodgers that he realized how messed up it is to jeopardize a player's career and his health to fill him full of percs and sent him back out there flying like a kite. 

I get the feeling this visit to Rogan is going to be the interview that keeps on giving. And it staggers the imagination what it'll be like once the season starts.