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VIDEO: Aaron Donald Swung Multiple Helmets At Bengals Players During A Fight At Practice And Should Be Suspended

Yeah, we're talking PLURAL. HELMETS. Aaron Donald, you were pondering retirement after breaking the Bengals' hearts by obliterating a hapless o-line and winning the Super Bowl fair and square. Maybe you should've walked away while you were on top, because this is the type of legacy-staining bullshit that makes NFL fans never look at you the same way again.

I'm also generally tired of Aaron Donald. While I do appreciate greatness in all its forms, I'm so fucking sick of all these "smart" football people releasing top-ranked player lists and ranking Donald No. 1 in the entire league without any legitimate criticism. Yes, he's a three-time Defensive Player of the Year. He's the best interior pass-rusher ever and I don't think there's much argument on that. But like...this notion that Aaron Donald more valuable than a top-three quarterback? STOP. JUST STOP.

This may be even worse than the Myles Garrett situation on Mason Rudolph from a while back:

Garrett has managed to rebuild his reputation despite the moment of psycho behavior in which he alleged Rudolph called him a racial slur. Who knows what the hell set off Donald to this degree that he felt compelled to threaten Bengals players with blunt objects. Myles only did one helmet, though! Donald had two of those motherfuckers he was wielding!!

Congrats, Aaron Donald. You clowned yourself. I hope there's a suspension coming for obvious, selfish reasons, and the raw video footage definitely helps the case for some sort of NFL discipline. I get that football is a violent, wildly competitive sport. But to have, like, such a textbook example from another elite defensive lineman on what NOT to and then to double down and do THIS?! Like think about someone as strong as Aaron Donald swinging helmets at you with all his might. Nut job. Scumbag behavior, AD.

Of course you knew Schefty was gonna weigh in, and he nailed it with a callback to his reaction to the Garrett incident.

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