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Iconic Celebration: NWSL Player Fakes An Injury After Scoring, Promptly Smiles And Twerks On The Field

Yep, this is how you do it. This is how you deliver a goal celebration. We've seen numerous different goal celebrations. The standard slide, the golf swing, the Sui and even recently this one: 

None of them compare to Lo'eau Labonta here. It's perfection. She drew the penalty: 

So that's where the fake injury comes from. But then she hit a damn near perfect penalty kick. Goalie had no chance. So then she does the natural thing. Fake an injury, pause, smile and twerk. Don't want her to dance, don't foul her and for sure don't let her score. You score you get to do whatever you want. Rules are rules. 

Even better? It was a bit planned thanks to Twitter and she even opens up about having fun: 

[Source] - After the game — which ended in a 1-1 draw — LaBonta told reporters that someone suggested the goal celebration idea on Twitter. She thought it might be a fun way to switch things up from more traditional NWSL celebrations.

"Female soccer players tend to just all go to each other and Kumbaya [on celebrations] and we love that," LaBonta said in the post-game press conference, per The Athletic's Steph Yang. "But I think we really want to start making it a little more fun and having individual celebration.

"So that was sent to me on Twitter and I said bet," she added.

Good. That's what sports is supposed to be. It's supposed to be fun and loose. I don't care if you're playing JV or pro level, sports are competitive, fun and made to have a little shit talking. Some pros go Gus Frerotte and actually get hurt. Some fake the injury to dance. Iconic celebration.