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According To Sources, Jake Paul Stinks At Baseball

Everybody knows I'm one of the most well-respected baseball scouts in the game. I've got an eye for talent that so many other people in the industry often overlook. You all come to Barstool Sports dot com specifically to read Barstool Jordie's opinions on the next big star in baseball, and I take that with extreme honor and humility. It's my duty to game to let everybody know who's next, and who is not. 

So my official verdict on Jake Paul?

Well he's bad. Not good at all, actually. Would not sign. 


I'm not an analytics guy. I don't care what the numbers say. All I care about is what my eyes and my brain tell me. And my eyes are saying that this dude stinks. 

My brain? Well my brain is telling me that blogging about Jake Paul gets clicks. Old hockey trick. 

P.S. -- Just an abysmally brutal swing to watch from Jake Paul there. So allow me to offer you a palate cleanser real quick with one of the smoothest swings you'll see in at least the next half hour. 

Tempo. Tempo. Tempo.