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Patrick Mahomes Grew Tired Of Regular Throwing, So He Went Behind The Back And Lefty To Nail The Crossbar From 30 Yards Away

The Chiefs pinned this to the top of their Twitter page and for good reason. I don't think any of us need to feign surprise at anything Patrick Mahomes does these days. We know the guy defies physics with the plethora of platforms and launch angles he discovers to deliver the football from. An NFL and Super Bowl MVP with AFC title game appearances in each of his four seasons as a starter. A 10-year contract worth something like $500 million. Twenty-six years old. It's sick how accomplished he is at his age. He's got one foot in Canton for the Hall of Fame already.

So yeah I could totally see how Mahomes being completely over the grind of training camp and wanting to let loose for some fun stunts like this. I mean hell, he's been in the same offensive system since he entered the NFL and it won't change as long as Andy Reid is at the helm. Sure, this camp is valuable for him to get on the same page with a cast of new wide receivers in the wake of the Tyreek Hill trade, but let's be honest, no one's really that worried about Mahomes and the Chiefs, right?

It'd be so fun to play in Kansas City right now. Even dating back to Mahomes' predecessor Alex Smith, Reid has had KC winning at a consistently high level. Mahomes has launched the Chiefs to a new stratosphere. There's a fun, loose vibe that reflects the friendly leadership style Reid and Mahomes seem to deploy.

You need moments of levity and fun like this during the dogged days of camp. Those fans in attendance are battling the heat to see their favorite players in action, too, and Mahomes is a showman. Although I'm skeptical about him ever being able to pull off a behind-the-back pass in a game, he has thrown some no-lookers, and yes, even has multiple completions with his left hand!

Ready for more plays like this during football season. Just one request, Patty Mahomes: Please go into the tank against the Bengals in that Week 13 AFC Championship Game rematch. Thank you in advance.

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