Joe Rogan Describes Dave Portnoy As "Brazenly Masculine" In A Podcast With Andrew Schulz. Maybe The Best Compliment Of These Times

What a clip about our founder. The biggest podcast host on the planet chopping it up with one of the best and smartest comedians going right now and they decided to talk about how Portnoy walks around with his chin up, shoulders back, and his dick flapping in the wind as he scores pizza on a single bite across multiple continents. Rogan's words, not mine. 

"Brazenly masculine" is one hell of a compliment from a dude who can break your arm in 2 seconds to a man whose arm pops out of it's socket if he lifts it above his head. I think that is a pretty accurate description though. People always talk about "toxic masculinity" which is a fucked up phrase from the get go if you ask me. Nothing inherently toxic about men. The men that are the problem are the little sneaky corruptible fucks who are dishonest. Not the ones who are willing to take an avalanche of criticism and harassment in order to speak their mind and tell the truth. That's why I am glad to work at barstool. Also why I always liked Rogan (haven't really listened since he went to spotify because that app always logs me out but that is a me problem). 

So brazenly masculine that he achieved "escape velocity". So much money and so popular that nobody can actually fuck with you. Can't imagine that there has been a better compliment given in a 2 minute clip on the internet.