Dwight Howard Is Planning On Joining WWE If He Doesn't Get Signed By An NBA Team This Year, Basically Living Out Every Guy's Dream

Dwight Howard has the career dream that basically every guy in our 30s wanted. Pro athlete and wrestler. That was it when we were growing up. Speaking of which, I've been on a kick of rewatching some old Monday Night Wars stuff during the day here. We really had the best era growing up. If you're a wrestling fan think about what we had with the creation of the nWo, Stone Cold vs The Rock, DX, McMahon in his glory, The Attitude Era, Sable and everything else. 

So now you have Dwight. Speaking of Dwight I don't understand how multiple times a year on Twitter I see a tweet going viral about whether or not he'll be in the Hall of Fame. He's a no-brainer Hall of Famer. Never understood that argument. He's made 8 All-NBA Teams (5 1st team), 3x DPOY and made 5 All-Defensive Teams. You make 8 All-NBA Teams, you're in the Hall of Fame. Even if you're a weird dude. 

I hope Dwight joins the WWE. To be fair, I haven't watched the WWE in quite some time (all in on AEW though). Get him in there and turn him into a cornball. Bring back the 90s and early 2000s where you can make fun of people and let someone roast him before Randy Orton RKO's him. Like I said though, this is the ultimate 90s kid dream career. Some turn into bloggers, some turn into pro athletes and wrestlers.