Every. Match. Is. Pure. Chaos. OpTic Texas And Atlanta FaZe Almost Suffer Elimination! Recapping Day 2 Of CDL Major IV

Day 2 for CDL Major IV was pure chaos! Out of 9 total series in the Major, we've had 7 map 5s! In competitive Call of Duty, the series are best of 5s. So if you go to a map 5, that means the series went the full distance - similar to a tennis match going to the 5th set.

We had 5 matchups yesterday, so I'll give you a quick recap of everything you missed plus some interviews with the players.

Atlanta FaZe vs Paris Legion

Two opposites ends of the spectrum - that's FaZe and Legion. FaZe is widely regarded as the best team in the game, while get the point. *On paper* this match should have been an easy 3-0 sweep for Atlanta FaZe. But just like life, it usually doesn't go according to script! On the Barstool Sportsbook, the money line pre-match odds were -2500 Atlanta FaZe and +800 for Paris Legion. So to say Paris winning is a long shot, would be a massive understatement. They would borderline need a miracle. But by taking it map by map, Paris were able to push FaZe to a map 5. Not a single person watching in the audience or at home would've ever expected Paris to be able to steal 2 maps from the big dogs of the league.

aBeZy (a player for FaZe) was so fired up in Map 3 that he began to shoot bodies after hitting a nasty clip. In Call of Duty, this is widely regarded as disrespectful! If you're shooting bodies, you're letting the enemy know how badly you just wrecked them. After the game, I asked aBeZy about that moment:

However, in the end it was Atlanta FaZe that clutched up when they needed to. They beat Paris Legion in the map 5 to advance in Major IV.

My Bet: Paris/Atlanta O 3.5 Maps ✅

Los Angeles Guerrillas vs London Royal Ravens

The winner of this match would go ahead to play Atlanta FaZe for the last matchup of the night. In the previous night, London Royal Ravens lost in winner's round one to Toronto Ultra.

This series was similar to the first - the series went the distance! However, LAG (Los Angeles Guerrillas) were able to complete the upset and take down London!


My Bet: LAG ML 

Seattle Surge vs Boston Breach

Seattle Surge were the team that won the previous Major III in DOMINANT fashion. When this team is clicking, they're virtually unstoppable. However, after that Major III win, they suffered a huge fall from grace. They started the Major in the loser's bracket due to poor online play and it left them in a difficult position.

After going up 2-1 in the series, Seattle came ridiculously close to sending home Breach. Watch this ending below as Breach BARELY are able to stay alive and force a game 5:

Utter insanity.

Map 5 was purely a Breach domination show! They beat Seattle 6-2 to send the defending Champions home.

My Bet: Boston/Surge U 4.5 Maps ❌

OpTic Texas vs Minnesota Rokkr

This is the match that everybody was waiting for! OpTic is the most loved team in competitive Call of Duty and the fan base felt like an OpTic home crowd. The theatre was ROARING as the Green Wall took the stage:


In the exact fashion that you'd expect, OpTic and Minnesota went the full distance of 5 maps:

Thankfully, the search didn't send me into cardiac arrest and OpTic beat Minnesota 6-2 to survive and advance.

My Interview with iLLeY and Shotzzy after the matches:


My Bet: OpTic -1.5 ❌

Atlanta FaZe vs Los Angeles Guerrillas

If you've noticed, there seems to be a trend that every single series enters a game 5! By this point, the day started feeling long and the arena began to empty out as OpTic walked off the stage.

On paper, this should be an easy win for Atlanta FaZe. The win means so much more to LAG to keep the hopes of Call of Duty Champs alive. (CoD Champs is the last tournament of the year for competitive Call of Duty. Only 8 teams qualify and you qualify via points earned throughout the season due to wins and tournament placings).

This match was probably the only matchup to go according to script and Atlanta FaZe swept LAG 3-0. Thus, ending their season and dreams of reaching Call of Duty Champs.

Interview with Arcitys and Prestinni:

Today, we have 5 matchups on our hands that are going to probably be more chaos. Checkout my twitter for live reactions and player interviews!