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A Teacher is Fired for the Crime of Wanting to 'Look Good Naked' on Her OnlyFans Account

If ever there was an easy time to be a school teacher, we are not living in it. The classroom is the new battlefront in America's Culture War, and it's spilled over into the once overlooked School Committee Meeting. The breakdown of the family has forced teachers into parenting roles. No one can argue the fact school shutdowns did enormous amounts of harm; the only question is whether its permanent. And there are isolated, unincorporated villages in Siberia with better scores in English and STEM on standardized tests. 

As a result, you've got teachers who are overwhelmed. And not like when the Thornton Boys went to my town's public schools and there was a decade-long spike in boxed wine sales. Today's teachers are stressed to the breaking point. And retiring rather than face another day on the front lines. 

So we need all the qualified educators we can get. Dedicated, hardworking, engaged professionals like Sarah Seales of Indiana, known to her students and legion of OnlyFans followers alike as Buttercup. The author of this thought, which you will not find on a wall hanging on sale at Crate & Barrel, though you should:

And for that, it pains me to report, she has been fired. 

Source - An elementary school teacher has been fired after her OnlyFans account was uncovered by her employer — but she’s thankful to have support from fans and the platform, which she called “empowering.”

Sarah Seales, 40, was terminated by bosses at Starbase on June 27 after the educational organization claimed her racy online account was “putting its reputation at risk.”

Starbase is a program run by the Department of Defense. … 

Outside of the classroom, the single mom had been discreetly running an OnlyFans account, sharing nude selfies with subscribers. 

However, her double life was turned upside down late last month when a reporter from Real News Michiana exposed the educator in an online article titled: “Local teacher has porn site on side, has kids call her by nickname she uses on porn site.”

According to the article, Seales used the nickname “Buttercup” while working with students at Starbase. It also revealed that her OnlyFans username was “Buttercup1981.” ….

“These photos pose a real and immediate risk of harm to the reputation or business dealings of Starbase Indiana, Inc. …” the letter read in part.

Thankfully, Miss Buttercup isn't allowing the narrowminded, judgmental, Puritans at Starbase to drag her down.


"Tips and loving support appreciated"? Not nearly as much as her dedicated service to improving the education of America's youth is. 

Stop me if you've heard this before, but I believe that children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty Miss Buttercup possesses, inside and out. Because the real greatest love of all is giving children knowledge while giving their dads someone to fantasize about at those otherwise dreary Parent-Teacher Conference meetings. 

And kudos for Sarah, growing her side hustle by encouraging her fifth graders to call her by her show business name. That way their parents know where to find her. To support her in her second - and now her first - career. 


Maybe I'm naive from watching too much Star Trek growing up, but I honestly thought that by the time our kids were learning Math and Science from a group called Starbase, we'd be a lot more enlightened. I know better now. This is not the future I'd imagined. 

And I promise you, you do not have to weep for Buttercup. She'll do much better in her new profession than her old one. Feel bad instead for those kids who lost a great teacher. Her career goal is to look good naked? Speaking as someone who hasn't seen her account, I can all but guarantee her that is Mission: Accomplished.