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Tommy Fury Allegedly Banned From U.S Just Days After Announcing His Fight With Jake Paul At MSG

We talked about how Tyson Fury had been unable to travel to the U.S for Tommy's fight. We now see that Tommy may also be involved.

This news of Tommy being unable to go comes on the heels of a large $1m bet that Tyson put on his brother. 

This is a pretty ballsy bet because Tommy Fury has only really fought tomato cans. These are probably the guys who got Tyson Fury on the no-travel list because these organized crime bosses had to pay these guys to take Ls for Tommy. 

Tyson is doing the bulk of the promotion for his brother Tommy who is probably strictly focused on training rather than talking. 

Smart business decision because Tyson has the true spirit of a showman. Tommy is more of a pretty face.

With all the antics that have been getting going some are getting sick of all the hype. Many are hoping for a double knockout.

In my opinion, I feel like Tommy is ducking Jake Paul again. Tommy "Broke a Rib" and Tommy now once again is ducking Jake with this "federal investigation" dispute. I do believe it may be impacting Tyson but Tommy was in California a month ago, he is not high profile enough to be put under the same travel restrictions as Tyson. Seems like a great excuse to get out of Jake Paul (Much better boxer than Tommy) from KOing you.