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Professional Gamer 'Ludwig' Says The Greatest Mystery On Earth Is "How Baseball Players Get Paid So Much Damn Money" a tough look for the gaming community. As a massive baseball fan myself, this is a tough scene for me to see. Ludwig is a professional streamer on YouTube and one of the biggest streamers in the world. He went to his first baseball game (assuming the Angels from the jersey) - and said "The greatest mystery on earth is how baseball players get paid so much damn money. The game's boring as hell. it's 4 hours of nothingness with maybe 3-4 hits in between."

Now if you don't know who Ludwig is, this clip may be even funnier to you after you consider the fact that he plays video games for a living. Typically, that question is always posed to us: "How the fuck do you make money playing video games?" But Ludwig flips the question and asks about it to America's past time.

Objectively speaking, the atmosphere of baseball games is awesome. You grab a few beers with the boys, guzzle down a few hot dogs and vibe with the game. Sure, baseball isn't the most action-packed sport in the world, but I can't stand with my gaming brethren on this one.

I got absolutely nothing but respect for Ludwig, the dude's an icon in the gaming scene - so I think he's gotta come to Yankee Stadium and experience a real baseball game. Tickets on me if you come Ludwig!