Sky Sports Reporter Martin Brundle Stole The Show At The Miami F1 Race Not Knowing a Single Celebrity He Was Interviewing

Big day for F1 racing in Miami with all the celebrities and athletes down there to take in the electric atmosphere. Obviously Verstappen and LeClerc are the huge names in action, but a man named Martin Brundle has stole the show. 

Now who is Martin Brundle? He's the Sky Sports reporter walking the grid and interviewing every star in attendance. The wrinkle here is he doesn't know who anyone is. Not a single clue. The interviews have been incredible. 

Hey it's Patrick Mahomes!

I'm in tears. 

The Venus encounter was...something. 

How about Gianluca Vacchi, Dave's guy?

"And modest too!" Absolutely cooked him even though he absolutely is a social media sensation among other things. See below. 

The DJ Khaled-Wade encounter left our man speechless. Guy had absolutely zero idea what went down and I for one don't blame him. 


His chase to hunt down David Beckham was exhilarating too. He finally found someone he knew and wasn't going to be denied.

I need Martin Brundle at the Super Bowl, Oscar's, anywhere celebrities flock to he must be there asking them questions. Innocent, hilarious, and not a care in the world. The man is a legend.