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Don't Mind Me, I'm Just On Twitter Working On Bringing Odell Beckham Jr. Back To The Giants Thanks To Our Mutual Hatred Of Dave Gettleman's Tenure As GM


Welp, I didn't think I'd be getting tweeted by Odell Beckham Jr. asking if I thought Dave Gettleman was the WOAT when I woke up this morning, yet here we are. After months of hearing how Kayvon Thibodeaux's larger than life personality could be a problem for the team that drafts him, that personality inspired Art Stapleton to remind Odell that not only are the Giants are no longer being run by a grumpy fun sponge that couldn't build a contender let alone a .500 team with as much draft capital and money spent as any team in the NFL, but they embrace players with personality in the country's biggest market. Joe Schoen is truly playing 7D chess on the other 31 NFL GMs asses.

Now my mentions and Odell's are being flooded with Giants fans begging to bring him back now that the bad man is gone. Is all that enough to make Odell come back to where it all started now that he slummed it in Cleveland, got to live loose in sunny California, and everyone's a little older/wiser? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe fuck yourself. That's all up to Odell, his banged up ACL, Handsome Joe Schoen, and the Giants banged up salary cap. But goddamn it's nice to dream about something like that and what would be an electric I'm Coming Home video as we continue to ride the high from last night's draft. Hey it's time for a meme!

As for the Giants fans that told me Odell was not a championship player before he was traded, please keep this picture in your records.

Steph Chambers. Getty Images.