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Cinderella Story: Led By Last Second Substitute 'Spart', Los Angeles Guerrillas Shock The World And Beat Atlanta FaZe To Win $200,000 And CDL Major II

Absolute mayhem. It's the only way to describe what went down Sunday night in Minnesota at CDL Major II. 

Atlanta FaZe vs Los Angeles Guerrillas - on paper this should be an Atlanta FaZe 5-0 sweep. They appeared to be eons ahead of LAG. However, LAG wasn't letting FaZe get an easy Major win. After going down (badly) and losing game 1, the boys in purple regrouped, won their Search and Destroy map and started one of the most iconic comebacks in competitive Call of Duty history.

The crowd was LOVING LAG, even in their earlier match against Boston Breach. Part of it has to do with Asim, who previously played on Minnesota Rokkr for 10 months in 2019-2020. He's also always chopping it up with Zoomaa and Ben Nissim on The Flank podcast - so fans love him and they get behind him easily.

However, the biggest storyline of the entire event was one man named 'Spart.' Days prior to Major II, Gunless (who plays for LAG) - had to back out of traveling for the Major due to an illness. With only a few days before the event, Spart was called off the bench and joined LAG's starting rotation. From there, he went on to change the CDL Meta mid-Major and ended up winning the Major MVP.

Absolutely fucking tippable.

The Journey:

The road to the finals wasn't easy for LAG - they had to get through the Florida Mutineers first who were feeling red hot after taking down OpTic Texas:

Florida had LAG down to their final map with a 5-3 lead and proceed to lose (3) Search and Destroy rounds in a row, giving LAG the win:

After skating by Florida, LAG were going up against another red hot team in the Boston Breach (yes, Robert Kraft-owned esports team). This series again went the distance and Asim was FIRED UP throughout the series, screaming at Breach from across the stage:

Passion. Gotta love it.

After going all the way to Map 5, LAG beat Breach 6-2 in Search to punch their ticket into the Grand Finals:

Regardless of the loss, Boston Breach should be nothing but proud for a Top 3 finish this year. They were the last CDL team formed with a roster that initially no one expected to perform really at all.

They continue to exceed expectations and I couldn't be more excited for this team as the season progress, I mean hey, when you have the Gronkowskis cheering you on, you gotta be doing something right…

Final Placements for Major II

CDL Major II Closing

I appreciate everyone for tuning into the content this weekend! I'm blessed to be able to live out my dream job and cover esports/gaming. It's truly been a dream come true and I couldn't have more fun at these events. Whether it's in venue content, player interviews or being an asshole wearing a ghillie suit, I wanna grow esports and gaming to the mainstream audience. You don't have to be a massive gamer to get into competitive Call of Duty, the same way you don't ever have to step foot into an F1 car to follow F1. 

If anyone has questions about the league, gaming, esports - shoot me a tweet and let's talk about it!

Thanks to Minnesota Rokkr for having us out, making an unbelievable event and giving us media access for exclusive interviews with players and coaches!

Lastly, I wanna give a huge shoutout and thank you to my boy Alex Busch for being my producer for the weekend. The dude absolute works his ass off and I wouldn't have been able to do half the content without his hard work through these long days. 

Bonus Meme:

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