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NFL Draft QB Prospects Class of 2022 Bracket (And most Fuckable spiral)

This year's Bracket

This isn't going to be as controversial as last year's but I think I make a fair point.

Matchup #1

#1 Kenny Pickett  vs. #8 E.J Perry

EJ Perry Made the top 8 because he scored the best athleticism grade and he cleaned up trash.

He's fast, Ivy League smarts, and apparently does good deeds.

But this ain't a Sam Ehlinger beating Trevor Lawrence situation. Kenny Pickett blows him out first round.

Matchup #2

#2 Malik Willis, Liberty Vs #7 Carson Strong, Nevada. 

Carson Strong has a big arm, in the running for fuckable spiral, but unfortunately Malik Willis has been said to be a hybrid between Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen. That sounds too good to be true. What really set him over the edge was he gave a homeless guy clothes which is super nice. 

Malik Willis Threw this 75 yards if you do the Pythagorean theorem on this throw. (26.6)^2+(70)^2=(75)^2

Guy is also on tape being nice.

Carson Strong can also throw bombs but mobility is at the question. Spiral is very fuckable though.

Matchup #3

#3 Sam Howell vs. #6 Jack Coan

Sam Howell and Jack Coan faced off in the hardest throw competition at the combine. 

Jack Coan came in second to Sam Howell but interestingly Jack Coan threw 55 mph and hit the bullseye while Sam Howell missed entirely. Coan also had the fastest release and the ball jumped off his hand. I know this wasn't an accuracy competition but being that accurate while letting your fastest loose is a mentality that translates onto the field. Also, Howell was a Heisman favorite but didn't have the season everyone thought he would. Not holding this against him but Jack Coan is from NY so I am extremely biased so he won. 

Matchup #4

#4 Matt Corral, Ole Miss vs #5 Desmond Ridder, Cincinnati

I live next to Ben Mintz, Ole Miss Superfan and he has hyped up Matt Corrall So much to me that I am eating the hype. Winning 10 games with an SEC schedule is something. Also, Matt Corrall performed better against Alabama most notably he has fewer sacks. Desmond Ridder seems just more stackable. 

Mintzy's summary of Corral.




#1 Semi-Finals

#1 Kenny Pickett vs #2 Malik Willis

Kenny Pickett knows football so well he midgame found a loophole. 

Malik Willis is a great improviser but we don’t know if it will translate to the next level.

#2 Semifinal

#4 Matt Corrall Ole Miss Vs #6 Jack Coan Notre Dame

This is where Mintzy's brainwashing stops and my New York bias takes over. 

Matt Corral has a small frame and is injury prone. 

Jack Coan pops his thumb out and throws game-winning tuddys.

I just feel Coan's tougher. 


#1 Kenny Pickett vs. #6 Jack Coan

Jack Coan's Cinderella run comes to an end. Kenny two gloves I heard from sources close to him uses a new pair of gloves every workout and every game. This means he is consistent with glove use. My only concern with Kenny's small hands and glove use was that the deterioration of stickiness of the gloves would make his throws inconsistent and if he liked broken in gloves without as much stick it would also be hard to be consistent. Kenny Two Gloves likes to throw with new gloves (this is a rhyme which is always a good sign). So he will throw the ball consistently. The only downside is going through 5-6 gloves a week. Those Nike gloves he like to wear run about $50 dollars so that's like $300 dollars a week. They are a size small though so may be cheaper and can be found discounted at Marshalls but on an NFL salary, he can probably afford it. I am in on Kenny Pickett but also think Jack Coan will have a better career than people think.

Fuckable spirals

Dustin Crumb and Sam Howell in my opinion have weird throwing motions, just looks a lil clunky and that throws off my opinion of their spirals. Kenny Pickett's gloves also give me the heebie-jeebies about the spiral. These guy have fuckable spiral energy, but don’t have fuckable spirals. 

These guys got super fuckable spirals. 

Malik Willis throws a moon bomb

 Also throws tight darts.

Carson Strong has a very fuckable spiral.

Jack Coan Has the most fuckable spiral