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You Are Never Gonna Believe It, But Epstein’s Friend & Pimp, Model Scout Jean-Luc Brunel, Was Found Hanged In His Jail Cell This Morning

Daily Mail- Jeffrey Epstein's French modelling agent friend Jean-Luc Brunel, who allegedly procured more than a thousand women and girls for the paedophile financier to sleep with, died today in an alleged prison suicide.

It comes days after Prince Andrew, 62, agreed to settle Virginia Roberts's lawsuit accusing him of sex abuse after they met allegedly through Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Roberts accused Brunel, 76, of procuring more than a thousand women and girls for Epstein to sleep with and he was awaiting trial in France for raping minors.

His death in an alleged hanging will fuel conspiracy theories around the Epstein affair after the financier also died in prison while awaiting trial in what authorities concluded was a hanging.

Controversy over Epstein's death has been fueled by the fact that prison video cameras at Manhattan's Metropolitan Correction Center were not running at the time Epstein died in the cell he shared with another inmate.

Prosecutors in Paris confirmed Brunel, who is not believed to have been on suicide watch, was found hanging in his cell in La Santé, in the south of the capital city, in the early hours of Saturday morning. 

Brunel is thought to have been alone at the time of his death and there were no cameras to record his final hours, according to an investigating source at La Santé – one of the toughest jails in France.

'A night patrol found his lifeless body at about 1am,' said an investigating source. 'A judicial enquiry has been launched, and early evidence points to suicide.'

How’s the famous saying go?

“There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.” - G.W. Bush


Well there goes Dante being a conspiracy theorist guy again. What a weirdo.

Why can't he just accept the fact that a second guy, connected to possibly hundreds of high ranking, elites, politicians, celebrities, and notable figures, who was accused of trafficking thousands of underage girls to them, was found hanging in his jail cell with security cameras turned off?

Shit happens.

Coincidences happen man.

Jean-Luc (such an evil villain, scumbag name), like his buddy Jeffrey, was guilty as sin, caught dead to rights, and all of a sudden, after years and years of living immoral, psychopathic behavior, had a crisis of conscience and took his own life.

Even if an independent coroner and autopsy expert weighs in and says Jean-Luc likely died by strangulation, not from hanging himself, like former NYC Chief Medical Examiner Michael Baden said about Epstein, (quote - "Mr. Epstein, 66, experienced a number of injuries — among them a broken bone in his neck, and three fractures of Epstein's hyoid bone and thyroid cartilage — that “are extremely unusual in suicidal hangings and could occur much more commonly in homicidal strangulation. I think that the evidence points to homicide rather than suicide”) there's nothing to see here. 

Accept whatever is passed on to the media, to then be passed on to us at face value.

Giphy Images.

When have they ever lied to us?

When have they ever let us down?

And pay no attention to the security guard who didn't hear or see anything unusual. He just stumbled upon Jean-Luc hanging on his nightly rounds. He’s irrelevant here. Just like the two guards in Epstein’s case who were scouting out new Harley’s and furniture on the internet to buy, with the money they definitely weren’t coming into, at the time Jeffrey “hung himself” while security cameras were conveniently down. (See below)

Security camera footage gets erased, or stops working in opportune times all the time. They’re security cameras. What do you think? They're supposed to work consistently or something?

And when Ghislaine Maxwell, who has told her family she now fears for her life, gets suicided, don’t come calling to me saying this was all orchestrated. What are you, a qanon or something?

The source added: 'There were no obvious fears for the prisoner's health, and he was not on a suicide watch, having already been in prison for many months.'

The official enquiry into Brunel's sudden death was on Saturday being carried out by offices from the 3rd Judicial Police district in Paris. An autopsy was set to be carried out, to establish the exact cause of death.

There is a so-called 'VIP section' where inmates include 'super terrorist' and mass killer Carlos the Jackal, whose real name is Ilich Ramírez Sánchez.

Brunel was originally indicted and placed in pre-trial detention in December 2020 for the 'rape of a minor over 15 years old' and harassing two other women.

He was also suspected of being a 'pimp' for Epstein, after becoming a close friend of the billionaire financier.

Brunel had been placed under the intermediate status of assisted witness for acts of 'human trafficking' and 'exploiting minors for the sexual purposes.'

Brunel committed suicide because he was 'crushed' by the allegations against him, his defence lawyers said in a joint statement.

'His distress was that of a 75-year-old man crushed by a media-judicial system which it should be time to question,' said Mathias Chichportich, Marianne Abgrall and Christophe Ingrain.

'Jean-Luc Brunel has continued to proclaim his innocence. He multiplied his efforts to prove it. His decision [to end his life] was not driven by guilt, but by a deep sense of injustice.'

Ok buddy. Whatever you say.

Sounds just like Prince Andrew. Another good guy who got caught up by a bunch of women trying to take him down. Even though he couldn’t settle his suit fast enough, he was innocent. (His mommy the queen is paying it for him…) A victim himself if you really think about it.

But back to Brunel. This guy evaded the law for two decades because of statute of limitations bullshit.

Almost all of the accusations leveled against Brunel were from the 1970s, 80s and 90s, meaning they fell outside the 20-year limit for prosecuting sex crimes in France.

This meant that Brunel was considered 'untouchable' by police who nicknamed him 'The Ghost' as he carried on living and working in the French capital, while frequently traveling abroad on scouting assignments and holidays.

But he ended up going down thanks to an amazing technicality.

But in November 2020, Giuffre responded to an online English language appeal by French magistrates for alleged victims to come forward.  

According to French law, a French citizen such as Brunel can be tried in France for offences committed abroad. 

But he'll never get to face trial. Never get to be offered a plea deal to sing on who else he knows did what. And he'll never get to "prove his innocence", something he's been adamant and outspoken about since his arrest. 

Good riddance.