Texas Is Officially In Desperation Mode To Try And Keep Texas Tech Fans From Overtaking Austin This Saturday

Desperate times call for desperate measures. That's what's happening here. Texas knows what's going to happen this weekend. Tech fans have and will/would buy every possible ticket to turn Austin into Lubbock part 2. They are fucking ruthless. One of the most ruthless fan bases in college basketball. Texas, well, it's not football. Beard has done a decent job trying to sell the program, but the fact is they still care about football, football recruiting, football rumors and spring practice well before basketball. Shit, remember this is a story from a month back: 

Tech fans will waste NO time and no moment to boo Chris Beard. That's a promise they made to the world. They knew they could buy tickets and at least get a decent amount in the crowd. That's what they are going to do. Now I love the Texas strategy here. Fight fire with fire. Oh you're going to buy all the tickets? Fine, we'll give them to uhh students. Yeah, that'll work! And we're going to have a party before hand. If Texas was smart they'd let the students get a little liquored up in the morning and really make it a homecourt advantage. Step 1 is right there. 

I still can't get over how awesome the atmosphere was in Lubbock earlier this year. 


This is a game Texas needs too. They are still a top-4 seed right now, but they just lost Tre Mitchell who left the team for personal reasons. They need to split with Texas Tech, getting a win at home considering they still host Baylor and go to Kansas. They didn't do anything in the nonconference and splitting with at least Tech and Kansas goes a long, long way for the committee. 

Good luck keeping Tech fans out.