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DeMar DeRozan Kept All The Receipts

Stop me if you've heard this one before but DeMar DeRozan is an absolute machine this year. Like Jon Lester but with a more focused midrange selection and obviously a better pickoff move. The rare big money free agent that actually outperforms expectations. Even if DeRozan's expectations started this year objectively low due to very poor judgement from national media memebers. 

You can/should actually stop me at this point. I've gotten upset about this multiple times before and I'd like to calm down before settling into my White Castle crave case and this Bulls/Spurs game. I'd just be remiss not to share a golden ticket pick on a national holiday so here you go: 

A lot of people are saying over 44.5 combined is way too high and I actually agree with you. It's preposterously high. That's such a sucker number that I'd be an even bigger sucker not to play it. That's the old man gambling brain in me that has my spider senses tingling. When you see something so ugly you have no choice but to jump in the deep end with some half assed logic. Hasn't stopped me yet don't see why I start now. 

Fact is the Bulls had a minor skid not too long ago. Then 3 in a row last week and all this momentum vs. the distraction of the trade deadline. You hear the guys talk in the locker room about not needing anyone else and it's authentic. That's legit camaraderie amongst the Chicago Bulls and you imagine it gives them a boost when AK sees it through at the deadline. Call me a moron but the Bulls are walking just a little bit taller and the bonds are equally tighter. 

Also LaVine is out and the Spurs will have Doug McDermott on DeMar occasionally. That's more than enough for me. Hit some highlights. 

PS - Deserving of its own blog. I told you guys there's momentum in the UC