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MASSIVE: In A Long Awaited Return, Nintendo Is Reviving Wii Sports For the Nintendo Switch


Wii Sports is one of the greatest innovations of all time. There was nothing like trying to bowl a 300, boxing the infamous Mii named "Matt" or trying to get your first hole in one. Wii Sports truly changed the game forever and having Nintendo back making the next iteration of the series for the Nintendo Switch is everything I've been waiting for.

Hell, the Wii was so revolutionary that they even tried to make CoD World at War a thing. Remember that shit? 

I didn't know a single soul that played this, but the idea of it was always cool to me.

Anyways, back to Nintendo Switch Sports. 

Tennis, Bowling and Sword fighting (named Chambara??? wtf is that) are all making their return! In addition, the game will feature Soccer, Volleyball and Badminton

- 1:00 mark - there's a leg strap that comes with the physical copy of the Nintendo Switch Sports game which lets you play in the "shootout" mode and mimic your leg motion (kinda insane)

- Badminton - I'd bet my life they only included this game to be able to use the word "shuttlecock" in their game

- Golf will be added in the fall

- The game drops April 29, 2022

Let me end by saying this, of all the consoles ever listed - the Nintendo Switch may be the most slept on console of all time. The games are fantastic, immersive and give you that old school Nintendo feel with incredibly smooth gameplay. Nintendo Switch stock continues to rise and I don't see that slowing down anytime soon.

April 29th can't come soon enough…

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