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Watch: This VICIOUS Move Is The Most Disrespectful Thing You Can Ever Do To An Opponent


It doesn't matter your age, if you get hit with the "too slow"- you simply can't come back from it. You gotta take your L and train to be better the next time.

This moment happened after the New York Subliners beat Robert Kraft's Boston Breach in a professional Call of Duty matchup. Both teams are part of the CDL (Call of Duty League) and this weekend is the first event of the year (aka the Kickoff Weekend). The series are best of 5 matchups and this series came down to the wire where NYSL beat the Breach in Map 5.

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Please allow me to introduce you to Crimsix, he's a Call of Duty icon and he absolutely loves to be the villain + stir the pot. He's a polarizing figure that's been talking shit in the professional Call of Duty scene for over a decade. Regardless of the shit talk, he's always backing it up with top tier gameplay. He represents the New York Subliners in the Call of Duty League.

If you're looking to get into the professional Call of Duty scene (or some solid entertainment), follow Crim on Twitter and you won't regret it. 

What Is The CDL?

I promise I'll keep this short and simple to introduce some of you to the CDL. The CDL is the professional Call of Duty League where 12 team based Cities, compete in competitive Call of Duty. They play the most recent Call of Duty of the year, so this year it's all about Vanguard. They rotate 3 modes - Hardpoint, Search and Destroy, and Control. The series are best of 5 with each "map" being a different series and map. The first team to win 3 maps, wins the series.

This weekend is the Kickoff Weekend, so teams are competing in single elimination. The entire season is based around 5 LAN Majors (this Kickoff Weekend is not one of them) + 1 Championship Event. A LAN Event is an in-person event. It's much better to play LAN as opposed to online because at a LAN, every single player is on the same connection. AKA There's no advantage if you have better internet connection or "ping" to the game server (we can talk about this more later, checkout this blog for more).

Throughout the season, teams will play series to determine their seedings in the Major LAN events. Each Major has a significant prize pool with the winning team taking home the lion's share. We'll talk more about the progression of the season as we get later in the CDL year. 

My favorite team since I began watching (in Black Ops 3) is OpTic Gaming. This year, they combined with Dallas Empire to form OpTic Texas and they'll be competing tomorrow afternoon. Watch the action on CDL's YouTube channel.

I'll link some more CDL blogs below to give you a taste of last year's magic.